Album The offering
 Released September 18, 2018

  Right off the bat, I liked these guys. Their music is raw, dirty, and catchy. It reminded me of Corrosion of Conformity meets a little Southern Rock. The album, The Offering, has only four tracks. It starts out with Curtain Call. Great song!! These guys get in and get out. It grabs your attention and you think, “Cool. I can’t wait to hear the next song”. The next song is Under the Weight. More like “Wait”. Waiting for the song to end. If you’re patient, you will get to track 3, NERO. Since my patience was worn thin from the everlasting song track 2, about a minute in, it was time to skip to track 4, Enchanted Wizard: Hail the Outro. Good lord. Each song after track 1 is between 4 min 45 sec and 5 min 30 sec. While there are some catchy guitar riffs, there is nothing during the songs to keep you interested. It gets boring and repetitive. There is nothing about these songs that cannot be accomplished in 3 min 30 sec or under. You are not trying to impress your chick with how long you can last. You need to hold your audience’s attention. In this case, even your chick will get bored and you will leave her unsatisfied. I really enjoyed what I heard, but shorten it up guys. I would definitely enjoy going to a show. I will be sure to put something in the crockpot before I leave the house though. If the show feels as long as The Offering did, I will set the crockpot to cook on the all day setting. 


To start this album is a covers album. Common pop songs turned hard rock. 

First up is a cover of Destiny’s Child- Survivor
 As someone who listens to a range of music and knowing the Destiny’s Child version as well, I much prefer this version. Great arrangement, vocals are powerful, and it is very well put together. I would say vocals and drums are my favorites. They did a very good job in turning a supremely “poppy” song into a hard rock tune. Well done.

Next is a cover of Taylor Dayne’s- Tell It To My Heart
I love this song. This singers vocals are so powerful and gritty. Definitely a favorite vocalist. Musically I love this, its so well done for a cover. So far I would much prefer these versions of the songs. The music arrangement is perfect and the vocals blend so well. Its hard not to jam to this one. Well done.

 Next is a cover of The Killers- Mr. Brightside
 I am a big fan of The Killers so for me to say I really like this version as well is something. Do I prefer this version? Yes and no. This version speaks to my more hard rock/metal heart. This is very well done. I think it is arranged beautifully. This singer again his vocals are something to be heard. The music of the band is so talented to turn this into such a good hard rock tune is refreshing. Well done.

 Next is a cover of Bruno Mars- Grenade
 Let me start with wow the ability to sing harmony like that with such a gritty sounding voice, is perfection. The guitars are shining through for me. So far this is my favorite song thus far. Its been hard to not just jam and focus on this review with this one. Vocals, guitars, and drums were all really shining in this one. Well done.

 Next is a cover of Eminem featuring Ed Sheeran- River
⦁This one gets me moving. Vocally the changing from the fast paced rap style to the harmony singing in the chorus it is such a smooth change its hard not to appreciate it. The drums during the rap style are spot on. Guitars during the chorus are spot on. I think I spoke too soon, this is my favorite now. I think its safe to say I will be looking into these guys for my personal play list. Well done.

 Next is a cover of Billy Idol’s- Rebel Yell
Who doesn’t love some Billy Idol?
 I fucking love this version. Musically it is smooth and so incredible. The breakdowns into those strong vocals are amazing. Give me more, more, more. This guitar solo is life. I don’t think anyone can do a Billy Idol justice except these guys. This singer really should understand his talent is rare. Not many can go between so many styles like this, very talented. No one instrument stands out because it is just all so good in this song. Very well done.
 Ps, again another favorite.

 Next is a cover of Genesis’s- Jesus He Knows Me
This is done so well, I find myself just moving and jamming out. I can’t not listen to it. Drums are the focus for me, combining it with such talented vocals then the talent of the guitarists, this song is just a tune. Arrangement is spot on again. You can’t help but to jam. I love it. Well done.

Next is a cover of Billie Eilish’s- You Should See Me in A Crown

In this spirit of honesty, I haven’t ever listened to this artist. My daughter loves her, but I haven’t personally given her a listen. So, this review will be solely based on Emil Bulls version.
 First reaction is fuck yes! That chorus breakdown is epic. Sorry to the vocalist this go round, the guitars and the drums in this one are the stars. Not because his vocals are lacking but because that chorus breakdown is just plain brutal. Vocals are still excellent but I loved how that chorus got me up. Well done

 Next is a cover of Emilliana Torrini’s- Jungle Drum
Another artist I haven’t listened to. If it is like the last one I will soon be a fan of Emil Bulls version.
 This one wasn’t a favorite for me. The chorus was my favorite part personally. It showcased the drums specifically. I think a lot of this is partially due to the length of the song at only 2:15. That isn’t Emil Bulls fault that is just the length of the original artists song. The song was good but it just wasn’t “it” for me. Well done.

Next is a cover of The Weekend’s- The Hills
 This starts out really strong. I don’t know if I like the vocals as much as in the other songs. Chorus vocals are my favorite. Guitars are really strong in this chorus. It has a really good sound to it. The drums provide a really nice tone to the whole song but specifically the chorus. As the song goes on I start to hear the talent I know this vocalist has. I would say all around it’s a nice rock version of a really good pop song. Well done

 Next is a cover of Starship’s- We Built This City
 Alright there we go. There’s those beautiful vocals. Holy shit the musical arrangement is spot fucking on. I love the guitar. The breakdown is excellent. Chorus has me moving and wanting to hear more. What is this my third? Favorite. Working on being #1. Vocally I think this is the best so far. I love this version, this is definitely showcasing the talent of the entire band. Well done.

 Next is a cover of Pixies- Where Is My Mind
 I think this one is starting out to show how strong vocally the singer is. It’s a good slow down for the entirety of the album thus far. I could see this being added to like a road trip playlist, at least for me. Its beautifully arranged and very well put together. I will definitely be adding this one to my road trip playlist. Its calming while having a heavy tone. I love this. Well done.

 Next is a cover of Placebo’s- Every You Every me
 Another original I am not familiar with. So this will be another raw review of their talent.
I have to say I really like the this one and the last one for how dialed down they have been. Have they been heavy? Yes but they aren’t brutally heavy. This one is just another I would want to listen to a long trip. This is a beautiful song and its another showcase of the entire band. Arrangement was superb and the vocals were very fitted. Another favorite. Well done.

 Next is a cover of MGMT’s- Kids
 Here is another one I am not familiar with but I am learning I love that because I think this band needs their own songs and to give us an album all their own.
 First I notice is the electronic sounds/techno sounds. I like it. No scratch that, I love it. It fits with the musical arrangement and just gives this song the kick it needs. The talent in this one can’t be favorited. Its all coming through. The breakdown is interesting and I really like it, it has a 80s vibe to it. I really like the lyrical meaning to this song. Let’s go ahead and add this as a favorite of mine. Well done.

 In total there is 52 minutes and 30 seconds of a really diverse album. Sure it is covers but for someone like me who listens to more than just metal, this is great. I can listen to pop or r&b in my favorite type of music, metal. There were a couple of personal misses for me and there were way mote hits. I really think if you dig this kind of music, you will enjoy this album more than dislike. EMIL BULLS is very talented and I will now be adding them to my collection. If these guys haven’t already put out their own album I am officially petitioning them to. I am very happy with this album and happy I was able to review it.
 Good job, EMIL BULLS.
-Metal Belle for Demented Magazine and Metal World Radio


                                    Tanagra Album: Meridiem                                                                   

                                 Release date: April 26th, 2019                                



Portland based Tanagra have released a solid, and methodically put together album. With sweeping solos, and well managed jam bits, they prove their musicianship. As well as keep your attention. It seems they draw influence from bands such as “Between the Buried and Me”, and “Opeth”. They follow similar obscene sci-fi aesthetic roots, and stylish vocal work. I hear the originality, but could also see it pushed to the wayside. But, give it time. At a play time of about 65 minutes, the album is very conscious of what it’s trying to portray, by keeping the metal on the tip of its tongue, it flys right by you. In the song “ The Hidden Hand” it really shines of progy awesomeness. When I started listening to the album, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the vocals, but i ended up enjoying them. The drumming isn’t masked with any weird digital crap, wich is a good thing. The guitar work carries its own weight, and makes you want to slay a dragon or two. My only true beef with the album is the mix on the vocals. All in all, it’s a very solid release from these prog fueled metal heads. As long as they keep on this root, they may make their very own “The Dark Side of the Moon”.       

  Richard p. Jones 

Demented Magazine/MWR Review Expert


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