About Me:

My name is Jeff, I was born in Andalusa, Alabama and raised in various parts of South Georgia. In 2001 I married 

and moved back to Alabama and started my family. For the past 15 years I've worked with local bands here 

along the Gulf Coast. I worked with the bands formally known as Ashes of Scorn and Hourstruck.  I started promoting Metal bands, posting their shows, doing flyers, websites and writing articles. 

I came across Gods Forsaken Radio station and started building a repoire with the DJ's, artist and fans. 

I started booking interviews for the radio stations, then started doing press kits as well as websites and mixing tracks. I am now an Indie Metal Producer/Promoter.  

I went from working with just Local artist to artist all over the world. The door opened up for me to start this Magazine in hopes to bring the underground world of Metal to light. There are a lot of bands out there that need recognition.I feel it is my job to bring recognition to those  that have worked hard to get their name and music out there. I firmly believe in supporting your local music scene,

 so I challenge everyone that subscribes and reads this magazine to support your local musicians. 

 Metal or Rock it is important that you support your local artist as much as possible. I appreciate all

 the support I've been given through the years and hope that I can repay each and every artist I can by dropping a name, 

posting a link to their Facebook, Myspace or official Website. It is my duty to help them build a relationship with their fans.

Thank you for your support and keep metal alive!!!!!! \m/

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